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How to insert check box in Excel

You may have seen checkboxes in different Microsoft Excel forms or in some report presentations. It is an essential part when you are preparing a checklist. But how to insert check box in Excel sheet?  Do you know that? Many people do not know about this. Today, in this article I will tell you all about the check boxes in excel.

Cannot find the checkbox command in the ribbon

Those who are searching for the checkbox command in the ribbon, become surprised. Where is my checkbox ribbon? I have searched all tabs but I did not find the checkbox command. Yes, you are right. It is not in your ribbon but you have to customize your ribbon. You have to enable the developer tab to find the checkbox command in your ribbon.

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How to enable the developer tab

  • It is very simple to enable the developer tab in Microsoft Excel. Follow the below steps to enable the developer tab.
  • Go to the ribbon and right-click anywhere on the ribbon.
  • Select Customize the Ribbon.

customize the ribbon

  • The Excel dialog box will open.
  • Select the Developer tab from the right-side list under the Main Tabs drop-down list.

How to find the developer tab

  • Click OK to complete the task.
  • Here you are. The Developer tab is added to the ribbon.

Developer Tab

How to insert check box in Excel

Once you have added the developer tab in Microsoft Excel. You are almost done. To add tick box in your excel sheet follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Developer tab, and click on the Insert button.
  • Select the Check box from the Form Control list.

Select checkbox

  • Click anywhere in your workbook to paste it.

Insert Check List

  • To rename the checklist right-click and select Edit Text.

Rename a checklist

How to link a cell with a Checkbox

You can lick a cell with the checkbox. By linking checkboxes, you can prepare the checklist.

  • Right-click the check box and select Format Control from the list.

Check bos format cntrol

  • Go to the Control tab and link the cell you like.

Format control tab

Here you will find three more radio buttons. What do they mean?

  • Unchecked- Returns false statement.
  • Checked- Returns True Statement.
  • Mixed- It means empty, as neither a true nor false statement.

Now you know how to add a check box and change its properties. What do you think now? What purposes you can use this checklist in your daily life? Yes, let’s think about it, I can suggest some examples. I hope, it will help you to think more. Read the content below to learn the uses of the tick box in your real life.

How to make a to-do list in Excel

Do you know that you can make a to-do list in excel? It is very simple and effective. It can boost your productivity level and increase your KPI in your office.

To-Do list with checkbox

If you are wondering how I have done it. Please go through the steps below to learn.

Prepare your task with Time. Format the cell in Time format where you want to write the time It will make your to-do list more attractive.

Keep one column for the activity list.

Keep one column for the Check box, from the Developer tab insert the checkboxes. Rename them.

Link checkboxes with a cell.

Add two more rows for Task Completed and % Task Completed.

For tasks completed use the COUNTIF function to count activities from the cell E.


For % tasks completed use COUNTIF function and % button from the ribbon.

How to prepare a checklist in Excel

You can prepare your checklist as per your requirement but I am sharing with you a sample checklist using checkboxes in Microsoft Excel.

prepare a checklist

You see, how I have made it.

  • Column one describes the serial number.
  • Column two describes the item’s name.
  • Column three describes the quantity of the pack of fruit.
  • Column four is the checkboxes.
  • Column five is the link to the checkboxes.
  • Column six is for remarks.
  • I have added item received and not received cells to count.

What more you can do with checkboxes? Those who came here to learn How to insert check box in Excel like to create a dynamic charts using checkboxes.

How to create a dynamic chart in excel using checkboxes

Dear friends, If you want to create a dynamic chart in Microsoft Excel, it is easy to prepare it with checkboxes. It is your creativity and how you will do it. Please check the GIF image below to see how it works.

dynamic chart

I am sharing here my concept. You can do it by yourself as per your requirement.

  • I have prepared two data set for the year 2020,2021 and 2022.
  • Dataset 2 cells are the results of Dataset 1 multiplying with the checklist link.
  • I create a link with three checklists 2020, 2021, and 2022 with B9, B10, and B11.
  • At last, I created the chart with dataset 2.
  • A dynamic chart is created for your presentation.

Dear Excel learner, I hope, this article on How to insert check box in Excel will be really helpful to you. Please post a comment if you need any more help. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible. Thank you.


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