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How to insert print titles in Excel

How to insert print titles in Excel

If you print a long table it can be printed on multiple pages. You can set options to print the sheet’s heading or titles on every page. But Microsoft Excel will not include any column or row as the heading by default. Only the first page includes the row or column as a heading which describes the content in rows and columns. You have to fix which column or row or both you want to print on every page. This fantastic feature is called Print Titles in Excel.

If you are searching for how to insert print titles in Excel over the internet your search goes to an end here. This content will guide you on how to insert print titles in Excel.  let’s begin.

Don’t get confused between Print titles and Header options. Both are printed on every page but they are different. A header is information that appears at the top of each page and print titles are the heading of a table that you want to print on every page. It is the heading of the table not for a page.

How to insert print titles in Excel?

There are two possible ways you can add print titles in Microsoft Excel. I will describe both options to you.

  • Go to the Page Layout tab, you will find the Print Titles button on the Page Setup group. Click on the Print Titles button.

Print titles button

  • Page Setup dialog box will appear. Click on the Sheet tab. You have two jobs to perform. (1) Print area (2) Print titles

  • First, you have to set the Print area for your worksheet or a table. By clicking the marked area below select your print area from the worksheet.

set print area

  • Alternatively, you can set the Print area by clicking the Print Area button under the Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab.

print area setup alternative

  • Next is to set print titles on your worksheet. You can select rows to repeat at the top and columns to repeat at the left. By clicking the marked area you can set it. Check Print Preview by clicking Print Preview.

Print titles in Excel_04

Why are Print titles in Excel so important?

Print titles in excel are important as Microsoft Excel does not include columns or rows as the heading automatically. If your table is big in size and you print it in a typical method, Your table will be printed on multiple pages without the row or column as a heading which describes the content in rows and columns.

In that case from the second page, your table will be printed without heading rows or columns. It will be looked like a naked column.

But if you use the Print Titles feature your table on every page includes a heading (rows, columns or both as you specified).

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Dear learners, I hope you have understood the instructions that I have given above on how to print titles in Excel. If you have any more queries, please feel free to comment below. I will try my best to identify your problem and give a solution as soon as possible. Thank you very much for being with us.


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